About Singsation . . .


Singsation is a ladies a capella barbershop quartet which originated in November of 2004. The members are Laurie Schaeffer from Port Dover – Tenor, Pat Davies from Simcoe – Lead, Heidi Bowman from Simcoe – Baritone and Debbie Dumais from Simcoe – Bass. The quartet has performed at many local venues, including nursing homes, birthday celebrations, funerals, restaurants and private functions. For the past few years they have delivered “Singing Valentines” throughout our region delivering messages to loved ones on behalf of their families or sweethearts.

Singsation’s repertoire is varied, ranging from some good old rock and roll to several spiritual pieces, and they are able to match their music to any occasion.


One thought on “About Singsation . . .

  1. I belong to a seniors group at the Caledonia Baptist Church, it is a small group of around twenty five people. We are looking for entertainment for our February meeting. Would your group be interested and what would you charge?


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